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The main factor that affects the popularity of a channel or video among users is the interest or usefulness of the video itself. Providing universal advice on creating interesting videos is hardly possible. Each video blogger finds his own niche and way to communicate with subscribers, buy youtube views.

Allows you to highlight several basic content creation:

Publication of interviews and opinions of famous people. In a specific area. Good results are obtained by recording a video with an already promoted blogger. The main thing is that the story evokes interest in an open audience.
Guides and instructions. One of the most popular types of content that easily gains views. Standard and non-standard methods of solving everyday problems. All this can be easier than other types of videos.
Reviews Statistics show that modern customers when choosing products are focused not so much on text as on video reviews. Therefore, these videos are popular on YouTube. The main thing is to be objective and highlight the real pros and cons of the subject being monitored.
Interesting stories. Video clips in the style of storytelling, accompanied by beautiful frames, screenshots and graphs, also quickly gain views and attract subscribers to the channel. You need to choose a sphere that will be interesting for most people.
Entertaining videos. Similar content takes first place on YouTube. It is difficult to identify specific areas, since the concept of “entertainment” is very different from age, gender, social status and other factors. The best option is to choose a specific target audience and make videos for it. For example, children’s videos or videos for women.
Two basic questions need to be answered:

Is the proposed content interesting and / or useful?
You not only watch the video on the site, but also share it on social networks?
As for the video format, there are no restrictions now. YouTube can adjust the display of any videos, so entrepreneurs However, the formats still remain video with the respective parties 16 to 9.

Channel and video design
Even high-quality video does not gain enough views if you do not make efforts to properly format it.

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